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Writer, freelance web designer, graphic designer, bookkeeper (yes, I know it’s not creative, but I love numbers), SEO, and blogger. I can be your VA (that’s a virtual assistant), your friend (that you pay) that figures out how your new software or hardware works, I can be your go to person for all Microsoft Office needs, and of course, I am your creative goddess, that uses Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4, on MAC or PC, and can build you a website  (CSS and HTML) with my eyes closed (well not really, but you get the meaning;-). Need help figuring out your MAC? call me.

I am featured at:





Gtalk: monica.antohi@gmail.com

Skype: monicashrink





I’ll work for a space shuttle ride ( Have Space Suit, Will Travel), plane tickets, travel money, sail boat rides, and of course good ol’ money, preferably in USD, British pounds, and or Euros.

Contact info:

see above! If not, well, then see bellow:

Monica Antohi


Direct/TXT: 303.656.9678

Please use the DIRECT line. the cell has no reception sometimes, depending on where I am.


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