Second Helping of Star Trek

I had a question yesterday about WHAT WAS THE POINT OF CAPTAIN PIKE? and WHERE DID HE GO?

Short, and sweet answer:  Captain Pike was the first captain of the Enterprise, 13 years before Kirk was assigned to the ship. At least that’s what the explanation was during the Menagerie I episode. I still don’t understand the meaning of including him in the saga, but hey! The 2 episode Menagerie I & II were just reliving the pilot, and showing us the full and utter devotion that Spock is capable of. Hail to Spock! He’s a hero of mine, with the whole LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, and his cool and collected logical, and spiritual view of the world. Yes, he’s the hero in the episode, not captain Pike. Pike is hot, I mean, right?

But more about Pike! Darn it, he’s hot! In the old series and the new movie. In the movie, oh yeah, he’s a freaking hero! In the series, not so much!

Loved him in the movie! Total hero! without him, captain Kirk would never have been. He wouldn’t have joined Starfleet, he wouldn’t have had such a stellar career in the academy, and definitely wouldn’t have become the freaking Captain of the Enterprise.  Thanks Captain Pike!

Glad that’s over! now back to reveling at the amazing captain Kirk:-) (sarcasm and hero worship wrapped in one).

P.S. JJ Abrams, please continue to make Star Trek movies. Haven’t enjoyed a movie that much in a long while. Actually, keep doing what you’re doing: the shows, the movies, they all rock!


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